Distinguish your business with Hearth Badges

Distinguish your business with Hearth Badges

Let’s talk about success.

For you, success might mean closing extra sales this month or providing great customer service. For us, success means helping you accomplish these goals.

Hearth contractors go the extra mile by offering competitive payment options to their customers. By focusing on growing your business with financing, you’re investing in consistent cash flow, more monthly sales, and premium customer service.

We see your hard work, and we want to reward you for your effort in providing excellent service.

That’s why we’re excited to reveal our newest program: Hearth badges.

Hearth badges reflect our commitment to recognize the work you put in to maintain and grow an excellent business. These badges are also an important sign to future customers that you provide high quality work and customer service.  

Picture this: a potential customer is checking out your website to decide between you and another contractor for their roof repair. They love that you offer monthly payment options. Then, they see your Hearth Premier badge. This customer immediately knows that you mean business and are committed to quality.

Here’s what it takes to get each badge:

1 hearth member.png

Hearth Member: Complete our quick set up process on our app or website to get up and running.

2 hearth certified.png

Hearth Certified: Complete a training call. Schedule your training call in your command center.

Hearth Pro: You’re 4x as likely to fund an extra project with Hearth after sending 4 clients through. And after sending 4 clients through, you’ll get the hang of the process and become a Hearth Pro.

Hearth Premier: You’ll become a Premier contractor after you close your first job with financing. When you unlock this badge, you’ll have already profited from your investment in Hearth!

Hearth Premium Elite: You’ll become a Hearth Premier Elite contractor when you fund 3 projects. At this point, you’ll be a financing rockstar!

There’s no magic fix for closing more deals and growing your business 10x. Contractors know better than anyone that there’s no replacement for hard work and positive customer service. But making Hearth a core part of your business pays off in big ways.

Hearth Pro contractors -- contractors who put at least 4 customers through the 2 minute pre-qualification process -- make on average $44.12 for every $1 they spend on a Hearth subscription.

And this return continues to increase the more you use Hearth. Hearth Premium Elite contractors -- contractors who have funded at least 3 projects with Hearth -- make on average $137.29 for every $1 they spend on their subscription.

Ready to get started? Click here to log in to your command center and share your badge.

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