Hearth Sales Script

Adding financing to your sales pitch is easy -- and in this script you’ll learn how. This script follows a simple, 5-step process: have the money conversation, understand your customer’s payment comfort zone, introduce Hearth, pre-qualify, and close the deal.

We built this script in collaboration with Steve Weyl, who grew his roofing company from $0 to $105 million and is now a nationally renowned sales coach. 

1. Bring up the money conversation

“Before we talk about the specifics of this project, let’s discuss how you want to pay. I’m asking because some of my customers finance projects through monthly payments, and others use cash. If you’re interested in paying for the project over time, I use Hearth, which can help you see payment options without affecting your credit score.”

If they say they will pay in cash… 

“Great! If you do want to see monthly payments at any time, let me know. Remember that seeing options doesn’t affect your credit score and monthly payments can help you upgrade part of your project.”

If they say they want to finance… 

“Great! I work with a company called Hearth to show my customers potential payment options. Payment options through Hearth are personal, unsecured loans with fixed monthly payments and no home equity required. The loan form takes only a few minutes to fill out, and it doesn’t affect your credit score to see options.”

2. Understand their payment comfort zone

Before your client requests payment options, they should set their monthly payment comfort zone. 

“What range of monthly payments are you comfortable with for this project?” Your client may understate their comfort, so follow-up with: “So we’re on the same page, what is the maximum monthly payment you’d be ok with for this project?”

If they don’t know their monthly payment comfort zone, they can use Hearth’s payment plan calculator. 

“With Hearth, you can see potential monthly payments for this project. Remember these are just estimates, but they should give you a rough idea of what you might be paying monthly. Does <insert monthly payment> a month seem reasonable?”

3. Introduce Hearth

“As I mentioned, you can request payment options on Hearth without affecting your credit score. The options you see through Hearth are personal, unsecured loans. If you’re approved and decide to move forward with a loan, you could receive the funds in 1-3 business days. 

About 70% of people see options through Hearth. Remember that it doesn’t affect your credit score, so no worries if this doesn’t work out for you.

4. Pre-qualification

At this point, you can either send them your link to fill out the loan form on their own device, or you can hand them your device to use the Hearth mobile app.

5. Close the deal

If your client prequalifies and is happy, you can respond with:

“Great! If you take out a loan, I’ll reach out to finalize the project details and get started as soon as you have the funds!”

If your client prequalifies and objects, you can respond with: 

“If you want to call Hearth, they can walk you through your results and explore what is possible in their payment comfort zone.”

In most scenarios, the client will understand the benefit of monthly payments and be ready to move forward with the project. 

Give this script a try and let us know how it works for you!

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