Introducing accounts for your sales team

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If you’re like most contractors who use Hearth, you have at least a couple, if not dozens, of sales reps.

After speaking with dozens of contractors, we’ve learned those who sell the most jobs with financing put Hearth in the hands of their sales reps.

Before now, there was no easy way to have your sales team add Hearth to the sales process. That changes today.

We’re excited to tell you that it’s now easier than ever to help your sales reps close more deals with financing.

Introducing Hearth accounts for your sales team.

Each member of your sales team can use Hearth’s website or app to offer financing during the sales process. Financing gives customers more ways to pay, which boosts close rates and your bottom line.

With accounts for your sales team, you can:

  • Give reps a powerful closing tool: Not every buyer is a cash buyer. With financing, your sales reps can offer affordable monthly payments to close the deal.
  • Track your entire sales effort: You can track leads across your sales organization.
  • Increase project size: Financing can help your sales team upsell customers onto larger projects.

It’s quick and easy to invite your sales team to Hearth.

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All you have to do is click here or the button below to invite your team. You can also email with the names and emails of your sales reps to invite them.

Once you press the button and login, you'll see a screen like the one to the right. You can quickly enter your team's email addresses.

Getting your sales team signed up takes just a couple minutes, and could help you make thousands from new jobs. Click here to get started today.

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